After finishing the hard task of finding 100 projects I would like to work on, now comes the (hopefully) easier task of picking the main 10 ideas to focus on and build MVPs.

A few projects evolved during this week, which helped me to polish a few lose points and understand where should I focus my time & energy. Things I had implemented in the past (but with a different tech stack) were automatically discarded. Also, easier items for which I don’t have a good use at the moment were also not considered, which ended up halving my list. So here are the 10 ideas I’ll work on during the next six months:

  1. A project to spark imagination & brainstorming, like Nat’s mood board
  2. A bookshelf in Node.js, using Goodreads and Kindle profiles
  3. Scroll-along manuals of several coffee brewing methods on
  4. Beautifully printable tweets
  5. Decluttering as a Service
  6. Essays and explanations on
  7. Showcase of the best sci-fi on
  8. Recursers Around The World (like Humans of New York)
  9. Kaleidoscope using you laptop camera as input
  10. Developer Downtime project on