Following the example of a few good friends, I decided to joined them on a 100:10:1 project. Simply put: write down 100 ideas (anything you would like to do, anything wild), them pick 10 of them up to build MVPs (you can/should work on them concurrently), and choose one of those ideas into a legitimate release.

I felt this initiative played really well with another quest I took in January: planning the whole year by weeks and open sourcing my goals (inspired by Una’s project). I pretty sure this will help me to nail down a few finished projects. So, without further ado, here are the 100 (unreviewed) ideas I was able to gather:

  1. Kaomoji bot for Slack
  2. Philosophy Garden
  3. A easily deployable web map with every place I’ve ever been
  4. Colour palette by city (thanks Ricardo!)
  5. Beautifully printable tweets
  6. Mobile app to delete old/inprotected wifi networks
  7. Moodboard from a Tumblr link
  8. Stoicism wisdom
  9. Decluttering as a Service
  10. Pokédex (Twitter and/or Slack bot)
  11. Todo list of Google Maps favourites
  12. Tweetdeck/Trello look-alike but for Google Tasks
  13. Markdown Viewer Chrome extension
  14. Twitter bot for
  15. Who-to-unfollow suggestion generator
  16. Bot for keeping daily track of IMDb’s top 250 movies
  17. Beautiful places where you can go by train
  18. Instagram/gif mosaic
  19. Platform to manage friend’s and your debts
  20. Instagram top list
  21. Email you your favourite quotes
  22. Route planner for visits to big cities
  23. Cursing heat world map
  24. Flag identifier, by colours/keywords
  25. Project to help coping with existential angst
  26. Display the tube’s uptime, like a server
  27. Circle viz reactive to sound/music
  28. Drag-n-drop image to base64 and vice-versa
  29. Choose a route based on time and air pollution
  30. Something with
  31. Spotify-based screen saver of OS X
  32. Add vcards to Alumnum
  33. Developer Downtime project
  34. “Jogo do 24”, collaborative or bot-based
  35. Chrome extension for quotes
  36. Bookshelf in Node.js, using Goodreads and Kindle profiles
  37. Node.js text editor, easily deployable
  38. Adventure Time project (something artsy)
  39. Drag-n-drop music player & visualiser
  40. GitHub resumé: show graphs of languages and proficiency
  41. Stats project comparing London to New York
  42. Web-based Magic: The Gathering life counter
  43. Map app where people can endorse places
  44. Multiple bio updater
  45. Watch Later service aggregator
  46. Spotify consume analiser
  47. A project to promote imagination, like Nat’s mood board
  48. Typography-based project, like 12 Kinds of Kindness
  49. Clone of
  50. Do something with NASA (photos, info, APIs…)
  51. Glich image generator
  52. Draggable JS script
  53. Multiplayer pong
  54. Photography handbook or how to get into photography
  55. Global checkin mapper
  56. Scrooljacking library
  57. in a gist, collection of the important quotes
  58. Chiptune web player
  59. Composable, modular, interactive binary unit
  60. Sport dashboard, using Fitbit and Nike+ APIs
  61. Haruki Murakami novel generator
  62. Pocket readings analyser
  63. Recurse Center CSS-only logo
  64. Haskell library that mimics dynamic typing
  65. Web-based rhythm/sample box, recordable and keyboard based
  66. Pokémon-based game for Slack
  67. Basic inheritance library for JS
  68. Streets of London, a possibly automated Intagram bot
  69. Companion AI capable of basic speech
  70. Website crawler & watcher (for RSSless places)
  71. Recursers around the world (like Humans of New York)
  72. Scott Pilgrim Slack bot
  73. Design what a Planet Earth could look like
  74. Scroll-along of several coffee brewing methods
  75. Audio/video player of playlists from everywhere
  76. Horizontally split website that rotates as you scroll
  77. Small Arduino display to tell weather and suggest clothes
  78. Drag a photo and click somewhere to grow a circle around that point
  79. Chocolate photos mosaic
  80. Make great posters out of the Tao of Python
  81. Circular range selector
  82. Dead-simple web timer (maybe even looking like a kitchen timer)
  83. Simple guide on the common techniques to style base components
  84. Kaleidoscope using you laptop camera as input
  85. Haskell online REPL
  86. City walk optimiser (give a few points and routes will be traced)
  87. Do something with Portugal data, like a dashboard or so
  88. A dead-simple guide to colour picking
  89. Create an identity for a band (because bands merch are usually crap)
  90. /etc/hosts manager (to allow/block stuff)
  91. Repository of travel tips, 2-liners max
  92. Contribute to npm and/or npm docs so I can get free socks
  93. Idea pool (thanks Michelle!)
  94. Photograpy project, Seen From Afar
  95. Online text-to-Morse-code editor (with audio)
  96. ‘Meditations’ Twitter bot
  97. Front-end Haiku generator
  98. Game of Life on the browser
  99. Post-rock band name generator
  100. Scroll library that allows the user to scroll up-down-up and keeps scrolling on the original direction

P.S.: It’s way harder to find 100 projects to work on that I thought it would be. This took me several days and some deep thinking!